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Game Aggregation Platforms: The Jack-of-All-Trades for the iGaming Industry

What is a game aggregation platform in iGaming?

A game aggregation platform is a software system or service that brings together games from multiple game developers and publishers into a single platform, making it easier for players to discover and access a wide range of games. These platforms typically provide a central location for players to browse, purchase, and play games from different developers, often with a unified user interface and account system.

The benefits of a game aggregation platform for iGaming operators

Game aggregation platforms offer several benefits to the iGaming industry, which includes online casino and betting games. Here are some of the key benefits:

More games, more opportunities: Increased Game Variety. Game aggregation platforms allow online casinos to offer a wider variety of games to their players. By integrating multiple game providers onto one platform, operators can provide their players with access to a more diverse range of games, including popular titles from different providers.

Speed, efficiency, and more time to game. Game aggregation platforms can help online casinos save on resources and timeframes associated with integrating every single game supplier individually. With one simple integration, an operator will have access to a wide range of games from dozens of providers, certified in a variety of markets.

From “meh” to “Wow”: Improved Player Experience. Game aggregation platforms can provide a more streamlined and consistent user experience for players. Developing unique and engaging features that keep players coming back for more is a core focus for game suppliers, operators and not least, game aggregation platforms. They can also help to promote specific games or providers, incentivize players to try new games, and encourage social sharing and referrals.

Finding the gold in player data: Access to Valuable Analytics. Game aggregation platforms can provide operators with access to valuable data and analytics about player behavior. This information can help operators optimize their game selection and marketing strategies, as well as identify opportunities for monetization.

Overall, game aggregation platforms can be a valuable tool for online casinos looking to improve their game selection, player experience, and bottom line.

Markor Technology’s aggregation platform

We offer a wide range of content, just like other content aggregation systems. However, what makes us stand out is that we integrate two suppliers every month, a commitment to our partners that you don’t easily see elsewhere. On top of the reliable roadmap, we have a set of features such as engagement tools, an exclusive game studio, a client portal and young technology which makes us agile– the selling points that operators really value.

As a result, operators will give our speed and delivery the highest level of consideration when selecting material.

Our platform is licensed in several jurisdictions, including Gibraltar and the UK, and is accredited in a number of regulated markets. Working with an aggregator that is unable to conduct business in more than 50 countries is among the worst experiences an operator can have. In terms of how you work and approach content, it adds a weight. We are becoming more and more appealing to operators in large part because of it.

Indeed, we work with well-known suppliers like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Games Global, but we also consider up-and-coming companies that other aggregators may not have the time to incorporate. We investigate their distinctiveness and determine whether they specialize in particular markets or gaming genres. Since our roadmap is driven by our operators, we present this to them and we add the new suppliers in accordance with those conversations.

We don’t require all of our customers to take the content that we supply through our aggregation and because of this, we differ from other aggregators that require significant uptake from their operating partners.

We are constantly working on building a more modular type of platform, to become more innovative and deliver consistent enhancements to our platform such as the use of real-time data, game recommendation engine that gives operators suggestions on the best games and suppliers to push based on their target markets.

In summary, gaming aggregation platforms offer a streamlined process for game providers to integrate their games onto a unified platform and for online casinos to offer a wider variety of games to their players. Gaming aggregation platforms provide a win-win situation for all involved in the online casino industry. So, let the games begin!