Markor Technology

PAM/Turnkey Casino Solutions

Successfully launch your iGaming Business

Aimed toward seasoned iGaming operators, Markor Technology’s turnkey solutions make every tool available to gain complete control over all aspects of your iGaming business.

Get consolidated access to technical support to payments partners, leading game suppliers, and software solutions to launch a sustainable business.

Wide Range of Content Suppliers

Markor Technology partners with the leading content suppliers to bring the latest and most sought-after games and markets to offer our clients the most comprehensive game aggregation platform.

Payment solutions
Hardware & Hosting

Markor Technology connects its partners with regulatory bodies and helps easily deployable hosting options to launch in new markets quickly while ensuring all turnkey solutions comply with licensing jurisdiction requirements.

Bespoke Development

Working closely with our partners at every step of the way, Markor Technology adopts an agile and flexible development cycle to design and implement features according to our customers’ specifications.

Partner Support

Markor Technology provides 24/7 B2B support, website development, payment partner integration and technical documentation to guarantee a scalable and sustainable iGaming business.

Affiliate Platform

Get access to a vast network of affiliates and support your newly built online turnkey casino solution with exceptional content and SEO opportunities.

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Discover our complete suite of solutions to help manage your iGaming business.


Markor Technology leverages the power of its online casino technology platform to deliver a truly unique Social Casino product, providing immense growth and cross-selling opportunities with an already established player base of online casinos.

Game Aggregation
Game Aggregation

Markor Technology offers thousands of games from leading providers to offer our clients the most comprehensive game aggregation platform, using simple API integration.

White Label
White Label

Set up your iGaming business in a complete package with 24/7 B2B support, website hosting/monitoring, affiliate management, client acquisition, payments and licensing, analytics and customer engagement. Operated by Markor or by your team.