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Spain and Ontario are Key Markets for our Game Aggregation Business

In the fiercely competitive world of online casino content is king, so being able to offer customers a wide variety of games is vital to building a successful business. With this in mind, we sat down with Markor Technology CEO, Melissa Summerfield, to talk about the important role game aggregators can play in helping operators and studios enhance their line-ups and deliver the best possible experience.

For any online casino operator, one of the most fundamental building blocks in creating a fun and engaging experience for users is offering a rich and varied catalogue of games – and undoubtedly the best way to do this is to team-up with an aggregator that can give you access to multiple software providers and thousands of titles in a single integration.

Game aggregation platforms like the one offered by Markor Technology not only help operators achieve this quickly and efficiently, but they also take things a step further by working with their clients every step of the way to help them better understand the needs of their customers. In effect, this means acting as a real business partner for operators, rather than merely supplying a platform service.

At Markor, our ultimate goal is to enable casino operators to add the latest gaming content from several suppliers at once without the hassle and cost of multiple integrations. At the time of writing our game aggregation platform offers upwards of 6,000 titles from 75 studios, giving operators access to a wide variety of well-established content developers and up-and-coming challenger studios.

We then double down on this proposition by providing invaluable insights through our exceptional account management team, who work closely with operators to supply data and knowledge about game performance and trends. As we have a broad spectrum of operators across the globe, we have this information readily available and share it with clients to help them make content more appealing.

Of course, the key to offering a successful game aggregation service is to have a range of content that is simultaneously as broad and as market-specific as possible. As you will be dealing with clients operating in multiple jurisdictions, having a strong, localised understanding of each market that you cater for is vital – as is acquiring the necessary certifications to provide your content in these markets.

As a multi-certified platform that’s able to operate in major regulated markets, Markor has a strong focus on working with local suppliers. To take just one example, we recently teamed up with Caleta Gaming – one of the most popular content creators in Latin America – to ensure partners could supply a tailored service to their South American customers.

Given the iGaming industry is getting bigger by the day, it’s also important for game aggregators to consistently refresh their portfolio in order to continue providing the latest content to partners. At Markor, we typically integrate two new software suppliers each month – usually in line with demand from our operators – thereby doing the hard work for them and removing their barrier to new content.

Naturally, this is just one aspect of the two-way relationship that any good game aggregator should have with its partners. Having an open and honest dialogue with operators enables you to better assess their needs and requirements and allows you to plan your supplier roadmap more effectively. This should in turn be communicated back to them so they have full visibility over upcoming content.

It was through this communication that Markor was able to identify both Spain and Ontario as key focus areas for our business. By talking to our partners and assessing what they wanted to achieve, we were able to adjust our licensing and certification roadmap accordingly and now have solid plans for both markets, which will in turn enable us to better cater for the players operators want to target.

This can in turn also add great value to the providers themselves, as it effectively enables a game aggregator to serve as an intermediary between operator and studio. By listening to its partners’ needs, a savvy aggregator can feed this information back to the supplier to help them shape their line-up and player engagement tools, thereby better positioning them for the widest distribution possible.

Whether we’re talking promotions, new game launches or entering new markets, the goal of a game aggregation platform should always be to streamline operations and reduce hassle for all parties. This enables studios to focus on delivering great content and operators to prioritise player acquisition and engagement, while the aggregator handles the nuts and bolts of game distribution and management.

While only a young company, Markor is committed to these ideals and has a strategy in place to evolve the content on our game aggregation platform by adding titles from big-name studios, challenger brands and our own exclusives as well as improving the support we offer to our partners. By doing so, we can continue to elevate the role a game aggregator plays in building a successful casino business.

This feature was originally published in Sector del Juego.