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What characteristics distinguish an excellent PAM?

Your iGaming operations depend on having a clever, dependable, scalable, and powerful Player Account Management (PAM) system. Any iGaming operator must onboard a PAM system to launch their digital activities. It has a central system that controls all player information, activity, and history while allowing for connections to various features and integrations.

When it comes to expanding your business online, your PAM system may be what sets you apart from the competition in the iGaming sector. The PAM can be seen as the soul of your brand, to use one metaphor. Using your PAM, you may approve all messages sent to players, all integrations, all financial activities, and much more.

All PAM systems will, at their most basic level, carry out the same duties and manage your internet business. The devil, however, is in the details. Without the need for additional integrations or expenses, a top-notch PAM offers all the necessary tools and services to guarantee a site functions smoothly.

There aren’t many PAM systems on the market that go beyond their primary capabilities. There are many others, but a few worth mentioning include Sign Up, KYC, Campaign Management, BI, Player Management, Loyalty Program, Self-Exclusion, RG Limitations, Fraud Protection, and Customer Service. They are essential for your online business, and if you choose third-party integrations, there will be an additional expense and risk. Pre-built tools like these within your PAM are a crucial competitive advantage.

You can save money and time by using a PAM system with integrated automation (player identification, responsible gaming, fraud management, anti-money laundering, CRM, etc.). Yet, you might prefer different outside options. Hence, a modular PAM should allow you the ability to quickly and easily integrate numerous external tools with it, such as and payment providers.

It is essential to have a trustworthy risk management detection capability supported by an experienced team, such as the one offered by Markor Technology. Cheaters will attempt to steal more money than they should from your casino. Throughout history, and most lately, we’ve seen con artists create fresh, ingenious strategies for their own self-serving gain. As a result, protecting your iGaming business from fraud is crucial to guaranteeing the successful growth of your brand. A PAM system with a real-time risk management system powered by AI is a strong selling point when choosing your provider. You can promote responsible gaming, swiftly detect and manage high-risk gamers, and halt and resolve any fraudulent behavior before it’s too late with the use of modern risk management technology.

We all hate problems and downtime, whether they are B2B or B2C. Regardless of the technology and method you employ, there will occasionally be problems that require your supplier’s immediate attention. When comparing PAM vendors, professional and quick B2B assistance is a key decisive element.

Operating an online iGaming business is feasible without access to all gaming verticals. Offering the entire value chain is undoubtedly a positive in a business that is so competitive and changing. The ability of your chosen PAM system to operate any kind of gaming content aggregator, sportsbook platform, live casino, bingo, or other conceivable vertical is crucial.

Few vendors on the market have verticals that are already integrated. You may better own your roadmap and have fewer relationships to external parties as a result. Better PAM systems let you add new verticals using a single API.

Because technology is always evolving, new integrations and solutions are needed in order to stay current and prevent falling behind. In other cases, certain markets demand particular integrations before granting certificates.

In light of this, ease of integration of new features is essential. Payment methods are a subject that moves particularly quickly. Often, new payment methods and currencies are needed. Since many online casinos currently accept cryptocurrency payments, a great PAM must enable these payment technologies.

There are several add-on solutions available in this market that can increase player experience and boost productivity. Some PAM systems have limitations on what can be incorporated, which puts you at a disadvantage. Ensure that any probable add-ons you might need are compatible by checking what current integrations are already enabled in the PAM system you’re investigating.

Any system requires an expert team, which Markor Technology provides together with a client-centered work ethic.